These mammals . lay eggs.  Out For Blood. ...of echidnas of couple of mammals they were Egg laying mammal to. Mammals that lay eggs are called Monotremes.  Echidnas have strong... ...A mammal, but it still lays eggs, And you know what that means: The... Prototheria egg-laying mammals. Which mammals lay eggs and suckle their young? Eat+platypus+eggs. Mammals That Lay Eggs. Duck+billed+platypus+eggs. And these eggs are tiny.  Mammals gestate with the eggs inside of them... Dinosaurs laying eggs caused their mass extinction millions of years ago... platypus underwater The platypus: a mammal that lays eggs. Solitary Echidnas are monotremes (mammals that lay eggs).  There are only. These mammals lay eggs.  Some young mammals, like mice, rab bits and... Egg-laying Mammal Pictures. ...echidnas are the world's only monotremes, or egg-laying mammals. Фото со стока - A meerkat relaxing lying on its back. Koalas are also mammals who carry their babies in pouches.  The. Mammals that lay eggs, echidnas are covered. Echidna The echidna is one of two egg-laying mammals in the world (the... 25 random things and egg-laying marsupials Updated. The platypus: a happy marriage of reptile and mammal. In Australia their is a mammal that lays eggs called the platypus. Photos showing this australian mammal that lay about day threes report... The World’s Weirdest Mammal - The Platypus. of monotreme mammals (mammals that lay eggs, like the platypus - in red... rules in fact, one of this archaic Only mammal lay eggs rather. The platypus may well be the world's most unusual mammal. What Mammals Lay Eggs. Jul it hatches, andlyre bird Egg-laying mammals in jul unusual phenomenon. Australia’s mammals are most unusual in that a large proportion of them... Echidnas.  These little mammals are some of the few that lay eggs. A mammal that lays eggs, its beak is sensitive to touch and to... Egg-laying Mammal Stock Footage. What’s the Only Mammal That Lays Eggs and is Also an Irrational Number? The platypus is one of two kinds of mammals that lay eggs instead of... a mammal that lays eggs wikipedia. Egg-laying the end for dinosaurs. If most pokemon are mammals Why do they lay eggs? Egg-laying Mammals. Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live... Mammalia - Edentata - Dasypodidae - Chlamyphorus truncatus. Monotremes mean they lay eggs and are also mammals.  Platypuses regulate. ...spending a egg laying mammal which Duck-billed platypus young have.